Heraclix and Pomp: A Novel of the Fabricated and the Fey by Forrest Aguirre

As an avid reader I am always on the lookout for new authors. While I definitely have my favorite authors and genres I am always looking to expand my repertoire. I always browse the newest titles at my library looking for new titles and that is how I came across Heraclix and Pomp.

Heraclix was dead and Pomp was immortal. The emphasis is on was, because now, neither is as they were. Heraclix is now alive, a reanimated man sewn together from numerous other parts, but with no memory of his former life he finds himself wondering what kind of person he could have been. And Pomp who believed herself immortal, finds herself questioning that status after being nearly killed by a rather nasty necromancer.

Quite literally thrown together by the necromancer, the two set off to find new meaning in their lives. Heraclix wants to know how and why this was done to him and what kind of man he was before. With her new found mortality, Pomp tries to wrestle with the language and the meaning behind that word. As they travel across Europe, with a side trip to Hell, the two discover the necromancer they thought dead is very much alive and has plans to ensure his own immortality.

Though the premise was interesting and the summary on the flap of the book drew me in; it pains me to say, dear reader, that I did not enjoy this book. It has glowing reviews on Amazon as well as other sites, but alas it does not have one from me. Perhaps it is because this is a very dense book, it became quite complex at times. Or perhaps it was because several of the characters had similar or near identical names which made it difficult to keep track of who was who.

Whatever it was, I found myself slogging through this book and not liking it. Several times I wanted to put it down and not finish it, yet I persevered. I only finished the book because I wanted to know if I was correct in guessing how certain plot points would be resolved – I was correct in my thoughts and what I surmised would happen did happen.

I never enjoy giving a negative review on anything, whether it be a book, music, etc. You, dear reader, might enjoy it despite my words. I however, will not be returning to this particular fictional world.

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