Entering the 21st Century

It’s taken me this long, but I have finally succumbed and gotten an e-reader.

I had been looking at them for some time now but had never really decided on purchasing one. I can’t be alone in thinking there is just something about a book that it’s digital counterpart just cannot possess. However since there are some titles that I wouldn’t mind reading that are only available in e-reader format (I’m looking at YOU Leo King! *laughs*) I knew the time would come eventually.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to spend a dime. You see, several years ago my younger sister purchased a brand new Nook color for her daughter, my niece. Said niece never really used the Nook and it has been sitting in a bag complete with charger and cover ever since. When I voiced my thoughts about getting an e-reader, sister said “I think I still have –‘s.” and it turns out she did. With her blessing I did a factory reset and have been spending the afternoon slowly making it mine.

This lovely Nook will never replace a real paper book, but it will help open a few doors to more titles to explore

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