Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero by Dan Abnett

As I am sure I have said before, dear reader, my local library does a “If you like —, you might enjoy —” kind of referral service. Several times I have been introduced to new authors this way and this week’s review is no exception. This particular book was referred to me as I am a fan of authors like Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. As I am always looking for new books to enjoy, I checked this one out.

It is the year 2010 and Queen Elizabeth XXX sits upon the golden throne. A world run on alchemy and where magick and superstitions rule. Sir Rupert Triumff has discovered a nasty plot to dethrone her majesty and throw Great Britain in to chaos. He’ll have to sober up long enough to find the culprit and save the empire, that is if Lord Gull and the Royal Guard don’t find him first.

I loved this book. Stephen Baxter said ‘[Triumff] reads like Blackadder crossed with Neal Stephenson…’ and I couldn’t agree more. Though the book takes place in 2010, because the Renaissance occurred slightly differently with an emphasis on magicks and alchemy, the setting is more like 1710. Fights are still done with swords and fists, ruffs and codpieces are all the fashion. It’s almost reminiscent of the Discworld novels, of which I am a major fan.

Like Terry Pratchett, Abnett uses a good deal of verbal puns and wordplay with the story. Having a bit of knowledge of how history actually went definitely helps with some of the jokes. Having a crude sense of humor is vital otherwise you’re not likely to enjoy this.

The copy I got from the library had an excerpt of the next novel called ‘The Double Falsehood’. It definitely grabbed my attention and I’m keen to try and track it down.

I gave this book a great rating over on Good Reads for good reason. I loved this book. It was quite enjoyable and I found myself laughing out loud several times. A definite recommended title – check it out!

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