The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett

This week’s review is a sort of sad one for me, dear readers. For it is the final book by Sir Terry Pratchett and the final book in the much beloved Discworld series. Having been a Pratchett fan for so many years, it breaks my heart to know this is the final book.

It is a shivering between world. Deep in the Chalk, something is stirring…something is gathering strength. The animals of the Chalk can sense it and Tiffany Aching can feel it deep in her boots.

The Disc turns and with it comes a time of endings and of beginnings, of old friends and of new, of light and dark, of good and bad; and Tiffany standing firmly in the middle.

With the fairy horde preparing for invasion, Tiffany must call upon not just the Nac Mac Feegle, but her fellow witches as well. She must ask them to stand with her and protect the land…her land.

Like most of the reviewers on Amazon and Good Reads, I came to this book with a feeling of great joy and great sadness. I was thrilled over having a new Discworld to read and enjoy and saddened because I knew it would be the last. I freely admit to tearing up some upon just opening the cover and before I had read a single word.

The first few chapters are a tad slow but I felt it was a proper build up for the action that comes later. We are given a feel of what has transpired since the previous Tiffany Aching novel, I Shall Wear Midnight, how the characters have changed as time continues to march on. When the story starts to pick up later on, it does so at lightening speed.

To those not familiar with Discworld and its myriad of characters, this book is not the one to start with. This book is not a beginning, but an ending; and a bittersweet one at that. Readers, like myself, who have been following the tales of the Disc for some time owe it to themselves to visit this one last time.

Those familiar with Terry Pratchett and his writings, give this one a read – and don’t forget the tissues.

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