The Journal of Vincent du Maurier by K.P. Ambroziak

Happy New Year my dear readers! We are starting the year of 2016 off with a bang with a most amazing book. A book I could not put down and could not wait to share with you all.

In the near future, humans are a dying breed. It is a time of the bloodless; mindless creatures who were once human but now feed on humans. They are not alone though as vampires walk among them and also require humans to feed. However healthy humans are in short supply and Vincent du Maurier is very hungry.

Evie is quite likely the last human alive and she is also pregnant, something that is both a boon and a curse for Vincent. As he struggles to keep her and her unborn child safe from both the bloodless and his own clan he must also face a terrible decision. To feed from Evie risks her death and the eventual starvation of his people. To deny his nature however is to risk something far worse – becoming a vampire with a human conscience.

Like so many of the books I review here, I came across The Journal of Vincent du Maurier on the New Releases section of my library. Being an avid fan of vampire novels I picked it up and am so glad I did.

Written in journal format, The Journal follows titular character Vincent du Maurier. He is an incredibly old vampire and as the book opens he is trying desperately to keep his small clan alive. A strange virus runs rampant through the human population creating a zombie like creature that is dangerous to both human and vampire alike. At first this is not a problem for the vampire populace but as the number of humans slowly dwindles, the vampires food source dwindles with it.

Vincent himself is a very interesting character; he is what is generally described as a “survivor”. At first he is doing what he must to keep his clan and his beloved alive, however as the novel progresses his energies are put towards keeping Evie and her baby alive. He can often be cold and heartless yet it is almost to be expected. The world the book is set is a cruel one.

While I could easily go on and on about the book, to do so would be to give away vital plot points as well as the ending of the book. Neither are things I want to do.

The Journal of Vincent du Maurier is the kind of book that will appeal to a great number of readers. Fans of vampires, fans of post-apocalyptic type worlds, fans of zombies – all will find something to enjoy in this book. It is the first of three novels and I am eager to add all three to my shelves.

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