Thieves’Quarry (Thieftaker Chronicles #2) by D.B. Jackson

In 1768, just outside of Boston in Boston Harbor, a small flotilla of British naval ships have arrived. They carry over a thousand of His Majesty’s soldiers and are set to occupy the city, ending a summer of rioting and political unrest.

Before the occupation can occur, Ethan Kaille is awoken by an incredibly powerful spell. When he tries to find the source he is approached by agents of the Crown and he soon learns what woke him. Every man on the HMS Graystone has died but no one knows why; there is no sign of illness or violence, it is as if the men lay down where they were and died.

Ethan soon discovers that not every one died on that ship; there is one person missing. Could they be the killer? Or could there be another conjurer in the city? One with the power to kill a ship full of men with one spell?

Thieves’ Quarry is the second book in the Thieftaker Chronicles series. It is an interesting novel in that it combines fact and fiction in an almost seamless manner. The occupation of Boston in 1768 by British troops did actually happen, the HMS Graystone and it’s ill fated crew however are mere figments. That doesn’t make what happens to them any less tragic nor does it make us, the reader, not care.

As we are brought once again in to Ethan Kaille’s world, we do care. We follow him as he tries to learn what happened to the ship’s crew and its missing sailor. We feel his frustration as he is thwarted at many a turn, we feel his panic in the prison cell. Just as in the first book of the series, we are with him every step of the way.

I enjoyed Thieves’ Quarry a good deal, just as much as I enjoyed the first book Thieftaker. Jackson does an excellent job of weaving fact and fantasy creating a most believable story. Those who enjoy a good mystery as well as those who enjoy a good historical fiction will do well to read this series. I enjoyed it greatly and look forward to getting the next book.


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