Feed (Newsflesh Book 1) by Mira Grant

In the very near future, everything from cancer to the common cold has been cured. But in doing so a new infection was created – one that there was no cure for and could not be stopped. This new disease was unlike anything any one has seen. It took over the body and mind, the infected with only one thought on their minds; to FEED.

Twenty years after the original outbreak, now dubbed the Rising, sibling bloggers Georgia and Shaun Mason have uncovered the biggest story of their lives – the dark conspiracy behind the infected. They are determined to find the truth and publish it, even if it kills them.

I have to admit, dear readers, I was a bit put off when I first started reading Feed. It was touted as a zombie novel but as I read I quickly realized that it was any thing but. Yes, zombies are a part of the plot but only minimally. They are more of a background set of characters, there to help move the story along and to sometimes give the main characters something to react to.

In truth, Feed is more a political drama. Georgia and Shaun Mason, two of the main characters, have been picked to follow Senator Ryman; one of the presidential candidates as he moves from winning his party to hopefully winning a spot in the White House. Tragic occurrences however follow the Senator and that is where the story really picks up.

At times Feed is fast and furious, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. Other times it is heartbreaking, as some learn that doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest thing and not every one makes it to the end. While I don’t normally cry over a book, Feed is one of the few occasions where I actually did, several times.

Grant has done excellent work in writing a tense nail biter of a novel. While it is the first in the series, it can stand alone fairly well.

It’s not a zombie novel, it’s not a horror novel, but it did keep me up at night. I definitely recommend this one!

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