Infected by Scott Sigler

In a time where diseases and epidemics seem to be an almost daily occurrence, a new virus begins to sweep the country. Those who become infected become paranoid and eventually turn in to raving murderers, inflicting brutal damage to those around them and finally themselves.

While the CIA and the CDC try to find out who or what is behind this strange new illness, ex-football star Perry Dawsey has developed odd welts all over his body. Perry is infected and as his sickness progresses he soon begins to think and act strangely and to hear voices that no one else can hear. What’s worse is what the little voices want from Perry…

Is is rare, dear readers, for a book to grab my attention from the first paragraph and not let go until the final page. Infected did just that. So much so that I finished the book in just under two days. If it weren’t for my regular job and other necessities like eating and sleeping, I’m fairly sure I would have finished Infected in one day – it was just that good.

The narrative of Infected moves between two separate voices – one being the CIA/CDC tasked to find just what exactly this new virus is; the other being Perry Dawsey, one of the infected. We see Dawsey’s slow descent in to madness as the virus grows, just as we see the CDC’s struggle to identify just what the virus is and where it possibly could have come from.

Sigler does an excellent job of handling both story lines, weaving them together for the climactic finish.

Some passages were truly disturbing and yet I found that I could not look away; I had to read the next paragraph, read the next page, to find out what happens next.

This book is definitely not for the squeamish. Horror and thriller fans however will quite likely love this book, I certainly did.

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