Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter by A.E. Moorat

Queen Victoria has long been held as one of the most beloved of British monarchs. After taking the throne at the tender age of 18, the young queen soon finds she has her hands full with matters of state as well as matters of the heart. When she learns of the violent and long fought war between humans and demons; her responsibility towards the Empire takes a darker turn.

Victoria finds assistance in her royal advisers as well as a small group of royal bodyguards called the Protektorate. With their help she will fight monsters of all kinds and protect not only her beloved England but her beloved Albert.

Judging by the reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, those who read Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter seem to fall in to two camps; those who enjoyed the book and those who didn’t. Personally, I fall in to the first group – I greatly enjoyed this book.

Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter takes place in an alternate reality. In this world, demons are real and they have been at war with the human race since the beginning of time. These demons seek to rule the world by any means necessary and the humans who are aware of these demons seek to stop them.

Beyond that, the story stays fairly true to how history played out. Victoria did indeed take the throne at 18 and shortly thereafter met and married Prince Albert. They had several children and were very much in love. These are facts and while Moorat might have fudged a few details for sake of the story, many of the events played out just as history described them.

Moorat did an excellent job with all of the characters in Queen Victoria, both real and fictional. Taking well known historical persons and giving them a unique twist is no mean feat and I believe Moorat did this very well. The characters are not perfect, they each have their own foibles and drawbacks. They each have their own reasoning for doing what they do and behaving why they behave.

As this is a tale about demon hunting, blood and gore is involved. Some readers might find the action scenes a bit off putting. Those who are especially squeamish might find certain passages difficult.

For a book that was released at the height of the zombie craze, Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter is a good addition to the genre. Those who enjoy alternate reality type tales will likely enjoy this book. Moorat does a great job and I’ll be looking for his other books in the near future.

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