Bigfootloose and Finn Fancy Free (Finn Fancy Necromancy #2) by Randy Henderson

It’s been a little over three months since Finn Gramaraye returned to the real world from his twenty-five year imprisonment in the otherworld of the Fey. Slowly he’s begun to settle in and adjust to the myriad of changes that have occurred. He was able to prove his innocence of the crime that caused his imprisonment, and he has found a place in the family business – operating a mortuary for the magical and Arcane. Finn has even found love, though he worries the girl he loves is in love with the version of him that hasn’t existed for many years.

And yet, Finn wants more. Or just perhaps different. He’s figured out how to find an individual’s true love using a device created by his half-mad father and is hoping to turn it in to a kind of Arcane Dating Service. Unfortunately for Finn, trouble always seems to find him regardless of where he is. When he agrees to help a bigfoot names Sal find his true love, the two inadvertently walk right in to the middle of a Feyblood rebellion against the Arcane Ruling Council. A rebellion created by unknown forces and fueled by the drug Finn’s own grandfather created.

Bigfootloose and Finn Fancy Free is the sequel to Finn Fancy Necromancy, which was reviewed earlier on this blog. I greatly enjoyed Finn Fancy Necromancy and had high hopes for the sequel.

Let me tell you, dear readers, I was not disappointed. Having the same break neck speed, sprinkled with generous helpings of 80’s lingo, as well as remarkable characters, Bigfootloose and Finn Fancy Free is a wonderful second book.

Finn is still trying to adjust to the 21st century with a mind that continues to harken back to the good ol’ 1980’s. It is interesting to see him continue to struggle even as he tries to juggle family, friends, and a love interest. His main struggle though is with himself; both mentally and physically. His desire to be everything to everyone provides an interesting internal conflict with his 15 year old mind in a 40 year old body provides the (sometimes very amusing) external conflict.

Readers of Bigfootloose and Finn Fancy Free will want to read the first book before delving in to this one. Previous events play a fairly large part in the narrative and ones not familiar with the story verse might find it a bit confusing. Otherwise, though, I greatly enjoyed this book just as I did the previous one and highly recommend it.

Fans of the 80’s as well as fantasy and sci-fi should give this one a read.


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