The Journal of Vincent Du Maurier II (Book 2) by K.P. Ambroziak

Empress Cixi’s ship is a haven of sorts for humans and vampires; where blood of the donors flows freely but not everything is as it seems. Centuries old and incredibly powerful, the Empress hides a great number of secrets.

Vincent has come to the ship in search of Evelina; taken by the Empress and held prisoner, the unknowing bait in a plan to trap the elder vampire. When the young woman is turned in to a vampire herself, she must adjust to her new life and gifts and keep her longing for Vincent a carefully guarded secret.

When Evelina is taken from the ship, Vincent cannot help but follow. He soon finds that if he cannot save her this time he will lose much more than just her blood…

The Journal of Vincent Du Maurier II is the sequel to The Journal of Vincent Du Maurier (reviewed earlier this year on this blog). It picks up immediately where the first journal leaves off, with Vincent coming aboard the Empress’ ship in search of Evelina. In the first book he finds her as a newly turned vampire having given birth to her daughter; the second book builds on this – on their relationship and their feelings for one another.

The first book was told in a series of journal entries written by Vincent alone; the second book continues this but also adds entries written by Evelina. It gives a different point of view on events and on being a vampire. This addition definitely adds an extra element and deeper understanding of the characters and the world they live in.

Due to the characters being vampires, readers should expect some blood and violence. In the universe this story is set, such events are almost par for the course. Readers who made it through book one will likely have no problem with book two.

As much as I raved about book one, the feelings carry over to this second book. I absolutely adored it and if it weren’t such pesky things like a job and sleep, I know I would have devoured it in half the time. The tension between characters – both sexual and otherwise – kept me turning the page, needing to know what happened next. The ending leaves it open for a third book; which I eagerly await.

Fans of the first book should absolutely continue the series with this second tome. Personally, I am so glad to have these on my shelf.


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