Envy of Angels (Sin du Jour #1) by Matt Wallace

Even in New York, eating out can be hell. With the vast number of restaurants and types of cuisine available, it should be fairly easy for one to find something to suit them – right?

What if the individual craves something a little more…other-worldly? Something that generally isn’t seen on any menu anywhere?

That’s where Sin du Jour steps in. With it’s eclectic staff, they cater events the other guys can’t handle. They’re the place where a demon can go to satisfy his food cravings and where devil’s food isn’t just a name.

I admit, dear Reader, to having passed Envy of Angels over several times at my local library. The tiny blurb on the back just didn’t grab me. However, I have come to learn that a good book reviewer should read as much as they can, so I grabbed Envy of Angels on my last visit.

And I am so very glad I did.

Envy of Angels tells of the catering company Sin du Jour, a fairly small company that caters to a certain clientele. Lena and Darren are the newest chefs there, joining a group of other individuals who work to provide unique cuisine to very unique clients. However when the staff is given the task to prepare a banquet with the main dish being an actual angel, they all must ask themselves – how far is one willing to go to satisfy a client?

I found Envy of Angels to be a wonderfully fast paced and funny novella. At roughly 200 pages it is a small book and intended to be a quick read. Personally, I finished it in a day. The characters are quirky and funny without being completely farcical with the action easily keeping pace. There were a few eye rolling moments, but only because the scenes were so terribly funny.

The only fault I could find was while reading, I lamented the fact that some of the characters weren’t as fleshed out as they could have been. Given little more than a name and a basic description for a few characters, it was difficult to really get a feel for them. Now that I know that this is the first book in a series, I am hopeful the characters overlooked in this first book will have their moments in the second and third (and hopefully fourth and fifth and so on…) books.

A unique mash-up of Cutthroat Kitchen and Iron Chef, Envy of Angels is wickedly funny and enjoyable. I absolutely recommend this one to my readers.

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