Theatre of the Gods by Matt Suddain

This is the tale of an explorer, a philosopher, and a heretic; who all happen to be the same person.

M. Francisco Fabrigas leads a ship in a daring voyage to the next dimension with a seventeen year old Captain, a young boy who is a walking computer, a blind girl who knows more than she lets on, and a botanist who has more than a few secrets of her own. All this while being chased by the Pope of the Universe and a Well Dressed Man.

Several reviewers have compared Theatre of the Gods to the series Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and I could not agree more. Epic in scope with a wry sense of humor, Theatre of the Gods is an enjoyable read.

If I had any issues with Theatre of the Gods, it would be with how long the book is. At just over 600 pages, even in paperback form it is a thick book to carry around. It could have easily been split in to two (or even three) books to make for easier reading. I have seen other long books given such treatment and believe Theatre of the Gods could use it as well.

Personally, I would like to see more from this author as Theatre of the Gods is the kind of book that is perfect for a sequel or two.

Fans of dry, British humor will likely enjoy Suddain’s novel. Those who enjoyed Hitchhiker’s Guide should try to find this one and give it a read.

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