The Trinity by K.P. Ambroziak

When Father Stephen Brentwood is brutally killed, his protege Jacob is naturally distraught. It was for Brentwood that Jacob joined the priesthood and only as he digs in to the secrets behind the Father’s murder does the young man realize how deep his own involvement in the conspiracy is.

The truth about Father Brentwood’s murder pulls Jacob further in to the secrets of the church and closer to the elusive head of the Trinity. Once he realizes the Trinity’s plans for him, it is too late. Jacob’s destiny and the Trinity’s plans are too intertwined and neither can exist without the other.

I was fortunate enough to be gifted a copy of The Trinity by its author, K.P. Ambroziak. It was a wonderful and very thoughtful gift – I can’t say no to books!

I was very excited to read The Trinity, books with a religious story line (a la The DaVinci Code, etc) are a niche of books I enjoy reading on occasion. Add to the fact that the author is one I have come to regard as a favorite, and dear reader, you can see why I was eager to read and review the book.

I found The Trinity to be an interesting story, not only for content but for the characters as well. While the story was meant to take place modern day, it had a rather retro feel to it as well. The way the characters acted and spoke, especially the young woman Rebecca, reminded me of shows like Mad Men or any other 50’s era type program. Save for the few mentions of cell phones and other modern gadgets, The Trinity could have easily taken place in that time. Personally, as I read it, I pictured that era in my mind.

One thing that Ambroziak does fairly well in her narratives is giving the reader background information. Too often an author will do what I refer to as an “info dump” and will go in to some long winded narrative that does little to move the story along. Ambroziak does not do that; what little information she gives is relevant to that time and place and that particular character.

For the most part this can be a good thing, yet it can also backfire. Too little information can be just as damaging as too much. And unfortunately, we run in to this problem. Not enough information is given to us about the Trinity and their secrets. Mention is made only briefly of a book that sets the characters on their respective paths in this Church of Eve. As the reader, I found it difficult to parse the core beliefs in this mysterious church. Perhaps if a bit more information were given, it would have been easier to follow.

There were a few plot points I also had problems with. Unfortunately, to go too far in to them would be giving spoilers and I try not to do that. I will say that in this modern day and age, some of what occurred wouldn’t have gone unnoticed. That is why I say it’s easier to see this story as happening in an earlier time.

Overall, I enjoyed reading The Trinity. It was a very tense book and kept me on the edge of my seat. The few problems I had are fairly easy to overlook, and I recommend this book to all my readers. Enjoy!

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