The Journal of Vincent Du Maurier III by K.P. Ambroziak

Soon after he finds his beloved Byron’s letters to a mysterious associate, Vincent du Maurier finds himself in a precarious position. He must make a choice – to save a dying world or to let the plans he himself had a hand in implementing come to fruition.

The Journal of Vincent Du Maurier III is the third and (sadly) final book in the series. Typing that sentence – and subsequently this review – makes me sad, dear reader. I have been a fan of these books since I picked the first one up on a whim at the library. To see the series ending; albeit on a high note; is somewhat upsetting.

Ambroziak handles the third book slightly differently than the first two. Told in a series of flashbacks and flash forwards instead of journal entries, she has our protagonist Vincent talking to a young man whose importance we don’t find out about until near the end of the book. The young man had the first two journals and Vincent was there to finish the story.

On my earlier review of Ambroziak’s book The Trinity, she had commented it was ‘perfect in its imperfection’. That phrase could well be used for this particular series. It is an imperfect series, each book having its own flaws; and because of that it is perfect. At least in my opinion.

Though I am saddened to see this series coming to an end, I am also looking forward. Paige is a wonderful writer and I have enjoyed her works immensely. I look forward to what she writes in the future.

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