Happy Holidays from Never Enough Books

Happy holidays my dearest readers!

I apologize greatly for my lack of a post last week, these past few weeks have been quite busy for me and mine. For those that do not remember, back in August there was severe flooding here in South Louisiana and many families were forced to evacuate. My family and I were among those displaced.

It is only within this last week were we able to finally return to our home after losing nearly everything within it and we are slowly putting our lives back together.

It is usually around this time that I announce my brief holiday hiatus. A time where I do not post any reviews and instead concentrate on spending time with friends and family. I’m afraid I started a week early with no post last week and it is only now that I can update my dear followers.

So, I am officially (as of last week *laughs*) on hiatus. I shall return in the new year with new books and new reviews. I wish all of you a happy holiday season whatever you celebrate (or don’t celebrate).

May we all find health and happiness in the new year!

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