The Brothers Cabal (Johannes Cabal #4) by Jonathan L. Howard

Horst Cabal is back from the dead. Again.

Johannes Cabal’s younger brother, Horst – the nicest vampire one is likely to ever meet – has been brought back by to unlife by a strange occult conspiracy. Their ultimate goal: to create a country of horrors, a land ruled by supernatural creatures; and they want Horst as a general in their monstrous army. When Horst realizes the extent of their plans, he also realizes he cannot fight them alone. He needs a necromancer; someone who is sarcastic, amoral, and heavily armed.

As luck would have it, this perfectly describes his brother Johannes.

When Horst died in the first Cabal book, I admit dear reader that I was very sad. Not only was he an interesting character but he was the perfect foil for his elder brother Johannes. His was the voice of reason.

Horst has returned in this fourth book of the Cabal series and I was glad to see it. Told primarily from his point of view, it gives us a better view of his character. It allows us to see what an amicable man he is and how he uses that friendliness to aggravate and confound.

As the story his told from his point of view, the story has a lighter but no less dangerous air. Still incredibly amusing, I found myself laughing out loud several times while reading. Howard has taken the humor and action that caught me in the first book and brought it back with the fourth.



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