All At Once by Vera Mae

Fate can be a funny thing sometimes.

If Jayne hadn’t gone to that audition…If Lyel hadn’t gotten on that elevator…

A chance meeting sets two individuals down the path of a three day whirlwind romance. In just that short amount of time, the two fall deeply and completely in love. But Lyel has a secret and when the three days are up, he leaves Jayne and returns to England and disappears in to thin air.

Jayne is left behind to try and mend her broken heart. Just when she believes she can finally move on, Lyel returns…

I was given a copy of All At Once from the author Vera Mae (pen name of K.P. Ambroziak) for review on this site.

Allow me to start, dear reader, by saying that I am generally not one for romance novels. I must find myself in a certain mood before I’ll even pick one up.

With that being said, I found myself enamored with All At Once. Not only does it feature the highs of a whirlwind romance that many dream of, it also has the extreme lows that often come with it. The feelings the characters experience is real and palpable and heartbreaking at times.

What woman (or man) hasn’t felt the anguish that Jayne goes through? What person hasn’t had to pick themselves up and keep going even as their world crumbles around them? Mae captures these emotions with her words and brings the reader with her on Lyel and Jayne’s journey.

My earlier experience with Mae’s work was through her earlier books, though those were more of the supernatural genre. Whichever genre she decides to continue to write in, she can count me as a fan.

Fans of softer, contemporary romances are bound to love All At Once. If you enjoy authors like Nicholas Sparks, you should definitely give Vera Mae a read.

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