Humans, Bow Down by James Patterson

The Great War has ended and the robots have won. The few humans that survived have two choices – to serve the robots they created or be banished. Banishment means living on the Reserve; a barren, desolate area of land where life is cruel and the humans often crueler.

Not every one though is content with the status quo. Six, a young woman whose parents were killed during the Great War, is one such person. Along with her friend Dubs, most of her time is spent simply trying to survive. When an attempted massacre causes the two friends to run, it sets in to motion a series of events that could either spell salvation or doom for the human race.

If the basic premise of Humans, Bow Down sounds familiar, that’s because it is.  Humans create smarter and smarter robots who then rise up against their creators, resulting in war. The robots win (as they generally do) and subjugate the humans, either making them slaves or decimating them almost entirely. A plucky young human does something to garner the robots attention and while running from them somehow manages to come in contact with a secret underground organization that seek to overthrow the robot overlords.

It is a plot that has played out again and again in various media and in this book it is no different. Patterson, while definitely a gifted writer, does little to add anything new to this often overused and abused story line. And while the addition of a transgender character seeks to bring the story in to more modern views, the character herself is little more than a few lines.

The addition of oddly photo shopped pictures every few pages does little to help, either. I’m guessing that they are to help us get a picture of the characters, but I found them to be more distracting than anything else.

As much as I have previously enjoyed Patterson’s books, I found Humans, Bow Down to be rather boring and contrived. The story is nothing new and there have been others who have done it better. If you are looking for a mindless read, you can give it a go but otherwise, I advise my dear readers to skip this one.

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