Crimson Peak: The Official Movie Novelization by Nancy Holder

When Edith Cushing’s heart is stolen by a seductive stranger, she is soon swept away from her home and across the sea. She is brought to a crumbling mansion atop a mountain of blood red clay. A place filled with secrets that will leave her haunted forever.

Crimson Peak is the official novelization of the 2015 movie by Guillermo del Toro. Touted as a gothic romance, the book echoes the dark sentiments set forth by the movie. It is quite obvious this book was written with the final version of the movie in mind as it follows the movie closely. Too often a novelization of a movie is written with an early version of the script or even as the movie is being filmed and can diverge from the final product. Such is not the case here.

The book follows the movie near exactly, with the addition of the house itself as a character. This adds a bit of tension to the story and also makes sense in a way in that the years of horror that have occurred have left a psychic impression. We are also given glimpses in to the character’s thoughts and even their childhoods; two things that cannot be adequately expressed through film.


As much as I enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed the book just as much. Perhaps more. Fans of del Toro and his work will want to check this book (and movie) out.

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