Going on a brief hiatus

Sometimes the most difficult thing we must do is say goodbye.

For anyone who has followed me on any of my social media accounts, they will have heard me mention my Emma. She started out as the “family dog” but that soon turned in to “Melissa’s dog”. She was my best friend and confidant.

For 13 (almost 14) years we have been side by side. And this past Saturday we were forced to part. She passed from natural causes and while her passing was a shock neither was it unexpected.

I say all of this so my readers will understand when I say I am going on a brief hiatus. I simply do not have the emotional energy right now to read and write reviews.

I know I am signed up for a few book tours but I must drop out. I apologize profusely to you all. I do not like having to drop out so suddenly but neither is it fair to anyone for me to deliver a subpar product.

I will continue to remain on Twitter and Facebook though it will be on a limited basis.

Thank you to you all for your understanding.

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