So who’s behind this book blog, you ask?

I’m a 40 something year old single lady living in the great state of Louisiana. I currently work at one of the larger casinos here as a Seamstress and while I love my work, reading has always been my true passion. In that aspect I guess I take after my mother as she is an avid reader as well.

Aside from reading books, I love to talk about books, hence me starting this blog. I love finding new authors and recommending them to others but also enjoy hearing what other people think.

I enjoy hearing from my readers so I encourage people to write to me. Whether you like what I’m doing or hate it, or think I could somehow make this site better – I’d like to hear it all. Email me any time at melissaroule@gmail.com

Why update on Tuesdays?

Some time ago I worked in a book store and Tuesday was always new release day for books. I became so used to viewing Tuesday as the beginning of the week the feelings just kind of stuck. It also helps that I have most Monday’s off of work so I can properly write and edit my blog posts!

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